Wheelchair Accessible (ADA) Porta Potty Rental

Not all porta potties are created equal. While anybody can use some, others target only select individuals. A wheelchair accessible porta potty is a single-unit mobile toilet that is designed for people on wheelchairs. These mobile units, therefore, have select features that are wheelchair-friendly. Keep in mind that the Americans with Disability Act requires that all organizations put in place facilities and services that promote equal treatment of people with disabilities.

To keep up with ADA standards, most organizations and events without the means and capacity to provide fixed wheelchair washrooms prefer these wheelchair accessible porta potties. You can also get one if you are expecting a few guests on wheelchairs since not many private restrooms are friendly.

You definitely expect a range of features by now. Well, here are some features that qualify these restrooms to be suitable for the disabled:

i) Low toilet seats

It is only right that people on wheelchairs have an easy time when visiting the toilet. These units, therefore, have low toilet seats that can be accessed easily from the wheelchair. You can imagine how hard it would be for a disabled person to use a higher toilet bowl or sear. Users also get handrails to position themselves well on the seats. The rails also act as added security features to prevent falls that can be avoided easily through proper balance. You should, therefore, expect something solid, made from durable metal.

ii) Anti-slip materials.

Anti-slip material construction plays a significant role in preventing accidents. You have to understand that this select group of persons are pretty vulnerable, especially when there are water spillages. The anti-slip materials, therefore, ensure that both users and their wheelchairs do not skid, resulting in injuries.

iii) Minimalistic design

These units need a lot of space to house wheelchairs. They, therefore, have a minimalistic design devoid of corners and obstructions which may prove challenging. The floors are also smooth, and the distance between the walls quite large for more effortless movement. The design also enhances security, which is usually a significant issue. You cannot compare these units to the luxury trailer options which have chandeliers and other designs hanging all over. The more minimalistic the plan is, the safer the user.

iv) Flat entrance

Most wheelchair users, especially starters, experience, have a pretty hard time using the standard ramp. These units are quite different with a lowly construction that offers a flat entrance for easier entering and leaving. Therefore, the wheelchair accessible porta potty is built to consider the plight of the disabled. They don’t have to get out of their comfort zone to use a toilet, which every human being needs. You can rent one if you haven’t made your restroom wheelchair accessible.

Thanks to these units, people who are physically challenged do not need necessarily need a handler when using the toilet, which might get quite uncomfortable.


There should always be a wheelchair accessible porta potty in all events. These units ensure that the plight of people with physical conditions or paralysis is considered. You can, therefore, contact us if you need related services in Placer and its environs.