Portable Hand Wash Station Rental

Many families and organizations in Placer are organizing their events outdoors for health reasons and to enjoy the pleasant weather. It is observed that in many enclosed spaces like air-conditioned rooms , the same air is circulated repeatedly, so the possibility of airborne diseases caused by viruses is greater. Hence to prevent these diseases to some extent, people are preferring to spend their time outdoors. Catering is an integral part of these events, yet there is a possibility that dirty hands may be contaminated with bacteria and other harmful microbes. Hence renting a portable hand wash station will make the event safer for all those attending the event.

The portable wash-station is particularly suitable for birthday, wedding parties, receptions, anniversaries and other parties, where food is served. Though the event organizer may arrange for porta potty, most people will not like to use the potty for washing their hands. Also washing the hands will usually take less time than using a potty, so it is better to rent a wash station for the outdoor event, since it can be used by a larger number of people. Hence the individuals who are attending the event, will not have to waste their time waiting in a queue outside the potty, they can quickly wash their hands, and start eating.

A wide range of portable wash-stations are available for rent in different designs and colors to suit the requirement of the event organizer. The most popular model of the wash-station has a foot operated faucet, to control the water flow. This ensures that the user does not have to touch the faucet with his dirty hands, which may contaminate the faucet handle in some cases. Unlike the hands which are used for various tasks including opening, picking and eating , increasing the possibility of contamination, the feet are mainly used for walking and standing, reducing the possibility of bacteria and harmful bacteria spreading.

Each wash station also has a separate tank for clean water which is used for washing the hands and another tank for the grey or dirty water which is produced after washing. Typically each tank will have a capacity of 5 liters, though wash-stations with tanks of larger capacity can also be provided. The wash-station will be usually delivered to the event location with empty tanks, and the event organizer should arrange to fill the tank with water. A flexible removable drain pipe is also provided for the dirty water, so that it can be easily drained away when full or nearly full, and the wash station used.

Dispensers for liquid soap and paper towels can also be provided with each wash-station depending on the profile of those attending the event and activities planned. Before renting a wash-station for their event, the event organizer should contact the portable rental equipment supplier to discuss his requirement and availability of wash stations for rent. While one wash station will be adequate for a small family function outdoors, if a large number of people are attending the event, it is advisable to rent more wash-stations, so that people do not waste their time waiting. The wash-station supplier will deliver and install the wash stations at the specified location and uninstall them after the event is over.