Deluxe Porta Potty Rental

up scale porta potty out doors

Deluxe portable potty is an upgraded version of the regular porta potty. It comes with added features that make it a better upscale. You will get a flushable sink, mirrors, and proper construction. First of all, a porta potty is a portable toilet unit. It best serves areas with no fixed units or people who would like to supplement their normal toilets. Therefore, if you are in charge of the planning committee of a concert, this is the right article for you.

You will get different types of porta potties depending on your budget and taste. If your pocket runs deep, there are the luxury options. However, if you only need something decent for your guests, a deluxe unit would be a good choice. Due to the hand washing station, a deluxe unit can be used in events that have foods and drinks. On normal occasions, event organizers rent portable hand washing stations, which increases the cots of hosting a party.

Other events include rescue operations, backdoor concerts, and any type of festival you can think of. Keep in mind that these units are normally more expensive than the standard options owing to the detailed features, and therefore, you need to be keen when getting one. Let us take a look at some of the considerations that you should make.


You have to weigh whether your budget will allow you to exclusively have these units in your events. If you are hosting respectable people, you may not have an option. However, if it is a normal party or event with teenagers or normal people, you may consider getting some regular units to act as a supplement. Fortunately, you will end up spending less.

On the brighter side, getting these units will save you the cost of hand washing stations. All in all, you just need to weigh and find something that works for you.


It goes unsaid that your toilet design will dictate whether your visitors will be comfortable or not. First, you must ensure that the units let in natural light. I am pretty sure that you would not also consider going to a dimly lit toilet. If you plan to use the toilet overnight, make sure that your rental company provides lighting features. It doesn’t have to be electricity since even a simple connected solar source can do the work.

The number of guests.

How many guests are you expecting? It will not make sense if you get only two units when you expect over one hundred guests. Make sure that the number of toilets you acquire can properly and adequately serve your guests. If you need extra units, you can get regular options since they are pretty compatible. Either way, you will be at peace knowing that your guests are comfortable.


Placer is a county in renowned California. It is a pretty small county with a population of less than five hundred thousand. It is also part of the greater Sacramento metropolitan area. If you plan to host a party or organize an event in Placer, please do not fail to contact us for all your porta potty needs.