Luxury Porta Potty Rental

porta potty out doors in a field

Every event or occasion calls for an ideal portable potty. You cannot be hosting an intimate friends’ barbeque only to hire standard porta potty! We have units designed to meet the classy needs of certain occasions and events. Let’s take a look at a luxury trailer portable potty!

As the name suggests, this unit is the most luxurious portable potty in our line of porta potties. It is specially designed to meet the need for comfort and class. The unit comes with features such as sinks with cold or warm running water, electricity, and lighting fixtures to make you feel at home and wall d├ęcor and finishes that create the feeling of home! These portable potties are more expensive than the other units, so you need to ensure you get value for your money.

What to consider


Luxury trailer traveling potties are designed with excellent features. These units come with features that cannot be found in any other portable potties. They are designed with features that add to the comfort of the washrooms and the whole unit so the user cannot tell the difference between their home toilet and these units. You can compare them to high-end hotel washrooms.

First, luxury portable potties are designed with multiple washrooms, urinals, and changing stations. The toilet seats in these washrooms are designed with high-quality materials, and the floors made with wooden tiles. They also come with slip-resistant mats at the doorsteps to avoid accidents. Some units are also designed with showers and baby changing stations.

Luxury trailer porta potties also feature mirrors and vanities and shelves and coat hangers to leave their stuff when they are using the washrooms. They also have sinks with cold or hot running water, soap and hand sanitizer dispensers. These units may also come with electric outlets for charging devices and such uses.


There are very few events that don’t warrant a luxury traveling potty if you have a deep pocket. They are, however, best suited for special events with some esteemed and classy people. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by hosting an excellent event with a poor portable potty. Any gathering that needs classy washrooms will do well with a luxury trailer porta potty. You can hire these units for outdoor weddings, thanksgiving, corporate get-togethers, fundraisers, and galas.


Spacious porta potties are very important when you want to provide comfort for your guests. Luxury portable potties are designed with spacious washrooms and interiors to cater to users. They are generally very big, especially because they are mounted on trailers for easier movement from one place to another. The washrooms are designed spaciously with enough room to move around. These units also house multiple washrooms, both His and Hers, urinals, changing stations, and even showers. Most also come with wheel-chair accessible and ADA-compliant units. They are designed to accommodate several users at the same time.

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