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Placer Porta Potty saved me a ton of money! I needed nice toilets without having to spend an arm and a leg for short notice. They were happy to work with me and helped me get the event off without a hitch. Ill be using them anytime I’m planning an event in their service area no questions asked. Thanks again Guys!!!
Mike M.

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Learn About Porta Potty Rentals

Porta potty at a construction job sitePorta potty is a portable or mobile toilet. This means that it can be moved around, from one place to the or from one occasion to the next.

moveable restroom is used for specific occasions hence,you do not need to purchase it. Transportable restroom rental services are hence available for all those occasions. Portable toilet rental varies from the type of event, your budget, and also the placer county.

There is a wide range of porta potty you can choose. This depends on the occasion and also people attending the event. For example, the handicapped cannot use the same as children. Or vip guests cannot use the same portable restroom as the regular. Therefore , these are some of the factors you consider when choosing moveable toilet Rental services.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing:

• How often cleaning, refilling and general upkeep will be done. In an event with high traffic, sanitation is a big consideration. Choose a rental service that allows the porta potty to be cleaned regularly.
• Drainage system of the transportable restroom. The method of disposing the waste will also depend on the moveable bathroom rental service you choose. Hence it is good to understand our terms before going for any service.
• Urinal and interior wall sanitation should be an important factor to consider. These may require more space to avoid damaging the interior wall.
• You should also consider whether your porta restroom rental service separates men and women and if not what are other alternatives.
• The type of event should also determine how many porta potty you need. It is embarrassing to have limited facilities in a big event. The available ones may become messy and difficult to use.

There are different types of portable bathrooms which includes;

1. Regular Porta Potty
This is the commonly used type of porta potty rental service. They are single units. It is made of plastic entirely. Does not have a sink and also no flushing. Comes with a tank that holds 60 gallons of water. It is also referred to as basic or standard portable restroom. This type of moveable bathroom rental service comes with a few amenities. May include; coat hangers, a mirror, soap dispenser and hand sanitizer. They are not expensive to rent depending on the placer county. The good thing is that they can be cleaned on spot. Usually they are hired for a few hours. Comes in different colours and it’s the cheapest moveable toilet to rent or buy.

2. Deluxe Porta Potty
This is a portable restroom for people who depend on portable restrooms. For example, if you are working on a construction site, you will need deluxe transportable potty rental. This is because you will be moving from one construction site to the other. Apart from amenities such as a mirror, coat hangers, soap dispenser and hand sanitizer, they are odor resistance and have triple roll toilet paper and a urinal. It is flushable. They are bigger than the standard moveable bathroom.

3. Handicap Porta Potty
They are also referred to as ADA Complaint Units. This are used by handicapped persons. Most times, you will need handicap portable toilet in public events. They allow entry of wheelchairs. They have amenities like those in regular moveable restroom and deluxe transportable potty. They are wide. Charges for handicap moveable bathroom depends on the placer county. The American with Disabilities Act mandates at least 5% or one handicap transportable bathroom access unit in each location to cover guests with disabilities.

4. Trailer Porta Potty
These are the most luxurious porta potty. They are quite expensive. They are usually on wheels. They are also referred to as VIP restrooms. They are the biggest, with four rest rooms and flushing toilets. Seperate for men and women. They have air conditioning, heating countertops sinks and drinking water.

The Transportable toilet is delivered by the moveable restroom rental service provider. When you rent, setting up, cleaning and regular servicing is part of the package.

Where do you Need Portable Potty Rental:

You will always have the urge to relieve yourself depending on occasion. Hence porta bathroom are needed for a variety of events this includes and not limited to;
• Construction sites. If you are working in a construction site, you will need a porta potty rental service. It should have flushing services. Alternatively you may choose to purchase depending on how much time you will spend on the site.
• Festivals. These include music festivals, school events among others. You will need different types of portable toilet depending on the guests invited. For instance students may not share washrooms with their teachers.
• Events such as weddings, political rallies, seminars and outdoor events. Here , you need enough portable toilets since there is high traffic. Also cleaning and general maintenance should be kept up to standard.

Placer county is a county in the US. It’s one of the healthiest counties in California. Most people here are highly educated with about 50% with an Associate degree or higher. Placer county has natural lakes, rivers and streams as well as natural forest land.

You can do fishing in the white waters as well as hiking in the forest. North Lake Tahoe is the centre of attraction due to its beauty,clarity and size. Its largest city is Roseville. Due to the high population and many outdoor activities, there is increased use of portable toilet rental services in Placer County. There are a few factors you should consider before starting transportable toilet rental here.
• Cost recommendations. These will be affected by local labour, hourly rates, material costs and any permit required to run porta potty rental business.

Whenever you have an event, do not be worried about what guests will use. Consider moveable toilet rental and you will not regret. Choose the best depending on your budget and requirements.